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Auction House Name : RAWLS AUTO AUCTION
Address : 2818 Pond Branch Rd, Leesville SC, 29070
Contact Phone : 803-859-5111
Sale Date and Time : 05/02/2023 9:30 AM
Inspection Timings : From 05/01/2023 10:30 AM To 05/01/2023 4:30 PM
: From 05/02/2023 7:00 AM To 05/02/2023 9:00 AM
Promotion :
Attend a Tuesday 9:30 am EST GSA Fleet vehicle sale at Rawls AA, Leesville, SC. This will be a 1 lane sale. The sale is open to the public and we are expecting to have approximately 50 units for sale. There are no buyers or registration fees. Contact the auction house for a current run list of vehicles being offered in the live sale. GSA does reserve the right to pull any vehicle form the sale at any time. GSA Fleet strongly encourages all bidders to inspect the vehicle before they bid. Allsales are held in accordance with the SF-114C Terms and Conditions as well as GSA Fleet Terms and Conditions for Live Sales. Please take the time to review these terms and conditions prior to bidding. Bidders interested in bidding online on sale day and all sale questions shall contact Rawls AA, Kadee McGill at 803-859-5111. Bidders registering for the online sale need to register by 12PM the day prior to the sale. In-lane bidding has no restriction.
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